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Creating Sustainable Value

At Three Peaks Consulting we believe that sustainability is a journey and that that no sustainability journey will be alike. We want to understand what is unique about you and where you want to go before we can effectively design a strategy that will reflect your unique needs. This integrated and holistic approach is central to our belief that sustainability is an alternative business lens and must therefore reflect the values and objectives of the company it serves.

Services Offered include:

Stakeholder Engagement: Do you understand who are and what your key stakeholders expect from you? How they currently see you and your competitors? How about your employees, are you seen as an employer of choice or are your employees less engaged? We can offer facilitative sessions, surveying and materiality assessments to help you get a better read on your internal and external opportunities.

Program Development: Where are you on the sustainability journey and where do you want to go?. Do you know how you compare to your peers and who the leaders are? What resources do you have internally and where would you need to draw external expertise? We can help you map an entire strategy outlining goals, objectives, committee structure etc. We can also help you focus on operational specific initiatives such as zero waste, packaging innovation, or energy efficiency strategies.

Implementation and Monitoring: What gets measured gets monitored. How effective are your sustainability efforts? Where are your largest inefficiencies? We can help develop the tools and resources to implement a tracking system, to develop consistent reporting, and to benchmark and compare amongst facilities. We also have a demonstrated track record of identify free resources to help with training and funding support.

Communications: Customers, investors and employees are all asking for sustainability data and they all want it in different formats. There are a plethora of formats, reports and frameworks used in sustainability. We have extensive experience with GRI, CDP, packaging and retail scorecards, and much more. We will work with you to develop the technical aspects and storytelling needed to effectively, and efficiently, report on your sustainability efforts in a manner which will enthuse and engage.

Much More: We’re confident if there’s a sustainability idea or challenge you want addressed, we can help. Please contact us to discuss any projects you would like to explore.